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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Katadyn Expedition filters for typhoon-hit Taiwan

Making Water Drinkable

Typhoon Morakot slammed Taiwan on the weekend of August 8th with as much as 80 inches (two meters) of rain, inflicting the worst flooding the island has seen in at least a half-century. In order to provide safe drinking water to villagers and to avoid the spreading of water borne diseases, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), a long years partner of Katadyn, supported the area with 30 units of Expedition filters among other emergency supplies.

Water Quality

The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes 80% of all travel diseases to contaminated drinking water. Don’t let contaminated drinking water spoil your trip. Avoid tap water and ice cubes anytime the water quality is uncertain – even bottled water can be questionable, when available. According to WHO, almost half of all travellers suffer from some form of diarrhoea while en-route.

Good health while travelling starts with travel preparation – and the right Katadyn product for safe drinking water.



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